about us

story of hamm

We started with the idea of producing objects for the spaces and buildings we designed, and we produce them by hand using natural and quality materials. We offer our products and services in the best possible way. We work for the future with our motto: It is not used and thrown away, it is left as an inheritance.

our inspirations from the beginning

By feeling the natural texture of wood, we produce living products inspired by the natural.

Lasts For Generations

craft from the family

Our founder Muhammet Taşlı was born in Istanbul in 1987. He grew up surrounded by sawdust, associating with natural materials in the workshop of his father, Mehmet Taşlı, who was a master carpenter.

His father would sometimes restore an antique piece in his workshop, and sometimes make a specially produced chair for a French-style dining table upon special order. At the same time, since his father had a shop in Istanbul Horhor Antiques Bazaar, he lived his childhood surrounded by antique furniture.

Muhammet Taşlı, together with his older brother Ahmet, who is a furniture master, made the first collections of Ham:m and had the opportunity to develop his products. His older brother continues production today and reflects the craft he learned under his father to Ham:m's products.

more than a dream

As soon as Muhammet Taşlı graduated, he opened the little-known first store of Ham:m, believing in his experiences in various architectural offices. This adventure, which he set out with his entrepreneurial spirit, unfortunately ended in failure in 2010 and he had to close his store. This process he went through taught him that he was not ready and that he should try again at the right time. After various trials over the years, Ham:m was born as a brand. Ham:m's first product, Tabu stool, started to be sold in the store named Dank.

story started

Muhammet and İdil started to create their first collection with the products they designed through their architectural projects. Without a physical store, Ham:m products started to meet their users for the first time with their living space needs.

a brand borning

Ham:m opened its first store in the location in Tophane, Istanbul. This was more than just the debut of the dream.

ham:m is spreading

Yurt Store, located in Den Haag, the Netherlands, enabled Ham:m products to take the stage abroad for the first time.

the brand had new opportunites

The brand continued to meet a large number of new users in Istanbul and other cities through its business partners.

ham:m become a global member

Ham:m had its first international fair experience by participating in the Maison & Objet Paris fair in 2019. We had the opportunity to tell the unique design story from Anatolia to new people from many different parts of the world.

antiques of future world

Ham:m become a more sustainable, user-friendly brand over the years. We are producing modern antiques of the future world with pure natural materials in its field.